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Welcome to Blaze Motorsport!

We are a racing team dedicated to racing, and having fun! (Not always in that order!)
We race a variety of games to provide the ultimate racing experience!

Games we favour: rFactor 1, rFactor 2, Race07, Project Cars, NetkarPro, Assetto Corsa and more!

We always welcome new racers, all we ask is that you drive fair and respect other drivers.
It does not matter what skill level you are as we mostly race for fun on our public dedicated Servers.

For more serious simracing we organise events and Leagues with free registration!
Most of the guys chat on Team Speak 3 while racing, this is open to all who wish to join us.
The Servers are open every day but most of the racing starts from 20:00 CET onwards.

We hope to see you on track soon!

- Team Blaze